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Business Card Cases: Unique Because You Are – Too

” Let me offer you my business card,” you state as you take out a metal business card case. As cool as cucumber, you use your business card to the other person. Business cards are as much a part of your business as your services or product. It offers your business a name and separates it from all the other business crushing about. You cannot have business cards, nevertheless, and not have a business card case to opt for them. Not just are business card cases as essential as your business cards, they are simply as special, too!

The Styles

There’s a business card case for everybody – from the surly sales assistant to the beloved of the production department. In current years, variations in business card cases have gone beyond basic modifications to color and function. Today, there are themed business card cases and ones that come as parts of a set. From golf-inspired prints to abstract swirls, the styles of and on business card cases are as varied and abundant as organizations themselves!

Casing the Cases

Not all business card cases are produced equal. Some are sleeker, thinner, larger, or flashier than others. Here are some kinds of business card cases that may attract you.

Vertical Silver-Plated Business Card Case: This is a diplomatic immunity for unique cards. It can be printed with your name on the exterior. Opening the case exposes the leading part of the cards, for simple gain access to. When you close the case, the cards are protected comfortably.

Leather Slide Out Bright Color Business Card Case: If you have an outbound character, this case is best for you! Fancy, the case still looks expert. This case can be found in a range of colors, such as pink, green, red, intense blue, and black.

Personalized Golf Ball and Club Business Card Case: Hit a hole-in-one with this case! It consists of the image of a golf club and golf ball and can be printed with your name on it.

Flip Top Leather Business Card Case: This design, a hit in the 1970s, is back! Constructed of leading grain leather, a flip leading permits its owner to gain access to 25 metallic finish business cards with ease. It’s tough to shell and slimness will extend the life of this case.

Leather Identification Holder and Card Case Combined: If you must store your ID and business cards in one place, look no more. This case consists of a pocket for business cards, a pocket for your ID, and a pocket in the back for other cards.

Business Card Case, Pen, and Keyring Gift Set: This bundle is best for a unique customer or a graduate. All 3 products are personalized for one low rate!

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